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The Charisma Edge.

A How-To Guide For Turning On Your Leadership Power

The Simple Secret
What creates powerful leadership presence? Why do some leaders get ahead, while others who are equally talented fall behind? What’s the missing ingredient?

Call it charisma. Call it confidence. Call it what you will.

But if you don’t have it, you won’t get far as a leader.

Everyone has seen a leader who lights up the room when they walk in. People are drawn to them, pay attention to what they say and do, and believe and follow them. They have presence everyone can see, as if they have a power switch turned on high.

Charisma. If you have it, you have the edge.

The good news is that there’s a simple secret to becoming more powerful, confident and charismatic.

The simple secret to being charismatic leader is to look, act and feel like a charismatic person.

Sounds easy, right? And, it should be easy, if only you knew exactly what it meant deep inside yourself to look, act and feel charismatic. How does a charismatic leader look, act and feel? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple instruction guide?

More good news. This book is your instruction guide.

Based on over 30 years in living and teaching in corporate America, both as a leader and as an external executive coach, along with research into current findings about the body-mind wiring and the neuroscience of connection, this practical, tips-based book makes charisma a learnable skill.

“The Charisma Edge” offers nine powerful areas where you can immediately affect your confidence and ability to be a powerful, compelling leader.

Table of Contents.

The good news is that charisma is a learnable skill.

While some people are gifted naturally, almost anyone can become more confident and compelling by following the techniques in this book. The Table of Contents from The Charisma Edge, below, outlines a simple structure of nine weeks (and a day) of small, easy exercises which can be done in any order to instantly increase your impact and ability to look, act and feel more powerful.

1. DAY ONE: The Body-Mind Connection

Underlying Power Concepts
Charisma Surveys
Two Exercises

2. How To LOOK Like A Charismatic Person

Week One: Charismatic Posture—Amping Up Your Bearing

Week Two: Charismatic Pants, Pearls and Piercings—Shedding Light On Tribal Rules

3. How To ACT Like A Charismatic Person

Week Three: Charismatic Positions—Lighting Up Your Expressions and Gestures

Week Four: Charismatic Pairing—Connecting With Your Handshake

Week Five: Charismatic Pitch—Turning On Your Voice

Week Six: Charismatic Pronunciation—Clarifying Your Articulation

Week Seven: Charismatic Prose—Spotlighting Your Choice of Words

4. How To FEEL Like A Charismatic Person

Week Eight: Charismatic Poise—Mastering Your Adrenaline and Nerves.

Week Nine: Charismatic Persona—Connecting to Your Attitude and Identity


APPENDIX 1 The Power of Your Brain.

APPENDIX 2 The Power of Your Empathy: Mirror Neurons.

APPENDIX 3 Some Further Reading.

APPENDIX 4 The Highwayman, Alfred Noyes



Cynthia Burnham.

San Diego, CA
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