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“Interviewers clearly want people who have the right skills and credentials. However, in this market, lots of folks have both. So how do you differentiate yourself?” asks Cynthia Burnham, America’s top charisma coach, and author of ‘The Charisma Edge.’ “Your positive, confident, personal presence – your charisma – can be the deciding factor that gets

Your bearing is the first thing people see that influences how others perceive you. Interestingly enough, it also influences how you perceive yourself. In this article we'll examine how to do things consciously that you may have done instinctively or accidentally in the past. That way, you will be able to replicate the actions, use them

Are you simply born to be charismatic, or is it a learnable skill – as Meryl Streep showed the world in the movie “The Iron Lady” in which she portrayed Margaret Thatcher, who transformed herself from a smart woman with little presence into a powerhouse of a Prime Minister by changing her voice, her style


Cynthia Burnham.

San Diego, CA
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